About Me

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to actually read this and/or even reading/following my blog. I am new to this whole experience. Putting my thoughts, stories, etc out there for the world to read is a little strange and overwhelming to me at times. I have to tell myself to be myself and all will be good. This first started out as a project for school. One day I hope I can overcome the fear to continue blogging after this class; but enough about that lets talk about me.

Let me first start off by saying I love the simple things in life. Like driving when I don’t hit any traffic, a nice sunset, or when you buy or order food and your food total comes out to an even amount. I love the sound of silence. All to often people feel the need to replace silence withIMG_6084 music or talking, instead of taking in the silence to notice and appreciate the things around them. I am a lover of all animals, but particularly fond of my German Shepherd, Susie. In my spare time when I’m not working I enjoy putting puzzles together. It’s one of those things where I come home from a long day and unwind with some wine and my puzzle. I am a lover of all things Chocolate! There is a place in Houston, Tx called The Chocolate Bar. Anything and everything you could ever imagine is made out of chocolate. I felt like I was in a scene of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.  It was absolute heaven. All this rambling though doesn’t mean anything if I don’t tell you why I am the way I am or where it all began.

I was born and raised in Victoria, Tx which is kind of like the center hub to either go to: Corpus Christi, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio. I grew up a humble and modest life, where you only put on your plate what you were going to eat. We made happy plates in my family in which I was rewarded with a sticker to put in my, ‘sticker book’. My mom, at the time, was a single mother who just wanted the best for her daughter. She worked quite a bit when I was younger to where my grandparents raised me before I even started school. A lot of my values and morals are things that I learned from them. Now that I am an adult, my momma and grandparents are like my best friends. I call them when I need advice, how to perfect a recipe, and even when I need car help. I owe many things to these three people. All their love, values, advice, and humor are what made me the person that I am today!