Just The Beginning

I first started this blog as a school project. One that counts for a major part of my grade in FDOM at Texas State University. At first I was very timid to write about experiences or my opinions for fear of people reading my blogs. Quite frankly I wanted to hide my blogs in a hidden compartment of the internet hoping that it existed somewhere out there. To my surprise the more I posted, the more comfortable I felt about writing. I grew confident that maybe I am not such a horrible writer as I thought I was. In a way, it has made me come out of my technological shell and be more tech savvy. For this, Thank You!

Throughout this experience I have found that the more visuals you have the more effective the blog is. I have also found out that the more opinionated I was on certain posts compared to others received more views and even comments. With that being said, I believe that all the tools that I learned over the semester to implement into my blog have been effective. I believe adding media and links to your blog is a great way to get your name and readers really involved into what you love to do. The only thing I think I would need to improve on is to not rush a blog. Take time to really hash out the imperfections and grammar mistakes.

Later on in life I believe this experience could maybe benefit me into getting a job. I have now created an online presence which is something that many companies first look for when hiring someone. Who knows they might look at this blog and see an amateur; but they may still hire me as a person to create a blog with the tools that I have learned in this class to promote a company. With this knowledge of blogging, I was very surprised to look at my Stats data to see that my most active week of views, visitors, and comments were of the June 20th week, this is when I posted ‘Making memories through food’ and ‘Oh how sweet your buns are’; I received 12 views, 4 visitors and 2 comments. My most popular post so far though is ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ where I have my best yet of 11 views on one post. I believe it’s because I am talking about Chick-fil-a, which is an extremely popular fast food restaurant.

Best views ever: 11 WOOT WOOT!!!!
Best views ever: 11

Out of all these stats though I am just surprised that people, people who I don’t even know took the time to read my blog. I believe overall, I have received 37 views to my blog. These 37 views are more than likely contributed to twitter. I promote my blog through this social media where I found that I was getting liked and retweeted by people and different companies. It shocked me, but it just goes to show the power of social media and how your little blog can go from nothing to something.

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