Eat Mor Chikin

I’m sure you are all familiar with the slogan ‘Eat Mor Chikin’, made by a couple of cows persuading drivers with their witty phrases. If you haven’t, I am talking about Chick-fil-a. If you think about it, it’s a genius business model. You advertise with cows, acting like they are painting billboards to eat more chicken instead of eating them. When you actually get to the restaurant their items consist of chicken, chicken, and more chicken. Some grilled, some fried; chicken nuggets to

Picture provided by: Google Images as seen on Pintrest.
Picture provided by: Google Images as seen on Pintrest.

chicken sandwiches to salads with chicken on them. A basic concept that is made with perfection every order, every time.

If you have been to a Chick-fil-a you know that it is always a very busy establishment. Whether they have just opened or it’s about ten minutes till close; they always have a line through the drive thru and people inside eating their delicious food. Chick-fil-a is like a well oiled machine. They handle high volumes of customers with smiling faces that are sincere in all weather conditions.  They always have a plethora of employees on during high volume hours that literally work as an assembly line to get food out to their customers fast and efficiently. The employees always seem to be genuinely happy to be at work and working which is something you don’t see very often. From my many experiences of going to Chick-fil-a over the years, I have never left from a Chick-fil-a upset or dissatisfied. Thank you Chick-fil-a and keep up the great work!

This is what efficiency looks like Photo Credit: Google Images from Yahoo News
This is what efficiency looks like.
Photo Credit: Google Images from Yahoo News

One of my favorite memories of Chick-fil-a that I will never forget is when I got food through the drive thru at the San Marcos location. It was probably somewhere in the 30s that day; and here is this guy standing outside to take our order with a smiling face as if the cold didn’t even bother him. As it was my turn, he took my order and as I was paying he goes, “look what this nice lady brought for me this morning. She came back after she had gotten food to give this to me”, and he was pointing to the beanie on top of his head.  I smiled and thought what a sweet lady she was to go out of her way to do someone a service that this young gentleman did for her. He didn’t have to stand outside and yet he did it with a smile on his face. That day I told him I appreciated him for standing out here in the cold to take our orders. His response was, ma’am I’m from the North this isn’t anything compared to what I’m use to but it’s my pleasure. 🙂


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