Oh how sweet your buns are…

It’s kind of a weird attribute to fall in love with, how firm, and round they are. Sometimes they are toasted and other times they are buttered. I’m talking about sweet hamburger buns. It’s an addiction, a craving that I seek out when I go to a hamburger place. I could literally eat just the bun if I had it my way, but I think I would probably draw attention to myself as the weird bread lady.


The restaurant that first introduced me to a sweet bun was the River Pub off of Cheatham St. here in San Marcos. The restaurant was a local hotspot with a killer view from the patio. You could sit outside and people watch everyone playing in the San Marcos River. The

The beautiful view from the patio Photo Credit: Trover

Mexican Martini was probably the strongest drink they had; it was the most delicious thing but you had to be careful…the after effects snuck up fast; and of course their sweet buns that they put on their burgers got me every time. It breaks my heart still to this day knowing that they have closed their doors for good. R.I.P River Pub!


“Have no fear The Taproom is here!!”, this is what I felt like shouting out to the world when I discovered this back alley hole in the wall.  If you have never been to Taproom they have a cool feature where if you try/drink all the beers (not all at once) they have you can get a free shirt and your name put on the wall. Another cool thing is that they have sweet hamburger buns! Can you tell I have an obsession? It the best place to get a beer, and burger with sweet buns; I highly recommend it.

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