Making Memories Through Food

Growing up I have some of my fondest memories with my grandparents. Whether we were outside riding the tractor in the pasture, playing chutes and ladders till I mistakenly won the game, or baking from the numerous cook books my grandma had…we created memories. These memories as well as manIMG_6088y others will stay with me for a life time. I will forever be their little girl. One of my favorite times of the year that grandma and I love to take part in is dewberry picking time.

When spring rolls around each year the whole family knows what that means…dewberry pies! Grandma and I grab our garden hoe and buckets and set out for the pasture each year. We pick dewberries from their prickly vines till our fingers are bleeding; each year trying to break our previous record for number of buckets full from the year before. Once doctored up we begin the pie baking process. We usually bake a good 10 pies for the whole family from the dewberries that we have picked. After it’s all said and done they are the best, most delicious pies out there…made with love.

Fourth Generation Farmgirl is extremely witty as she pulls in her readers.

Tradition is what I love most about getting together with family and friends. We make memories that will be cherished a lifetime. It is what Fourth Generation Farmgirl is all about. In Tonya’s blog about food, wine, and travel she really paints you a picture of the story she is telling to make you feel as if you were actually present. Her background story is something that I find that hits close to home for myself. Country girl, living on a farm passed down for generations, with a variety of animals. She is definitely someone you should follow for great stories about where a recipe came from, her recent travels, and her experience with wine and food pairings. Plus her site is something that I aspire mine to look like fresh and easy to navigate through.

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