Hello Blogging…

I am a little new to this whole blogging thing but here goes nothing. My name is AudreyIMG_6909 Bone, I am currently a Texas State student with a major in Respiratory Care and a minor in Mass Communications…weird I know. I  currently work at Johnny Carino’s and have been with the company/food industry for almost eight years now.  I moved to the beautiful city of San Marcos, Tx a little over three years ago and have loved every bit of it since then!  I love to be outside, read a good book from time to time, take the occasional tiger snooze, and most of all I love to eat!

Growing up I was the pickiest eater around. I was strictly a chicken nuggets and french fries kind of girl; which makes me wonder why I was not three hundred pounds. Since my adolescent days, I have slowly broadened my food palate and have fallen in love with different ingredients, types of food, as well as different restaurants and their specialty items. Now when I go out to eat I try to order something I have never eaten before just so I can say that I have tried it. Some of the foods that I had once rejected in the past, I have tried them once more and have grown to love them. Maybe it’s time to give those rejected foods another try…I could be missing out.

My main purpose and goal for the blog is to share personal experiences of food from some of San Marcos’ food culture with others that have the same passion for eatin good. I believe this blog will challenge me to continue to branch out of my comfort zone of food. It will also give me an excuse to finally go try some of the restaurants in San Marcos that I have been dying to go to. In addition to expressing my love for food, I will be exploring the newest/oldest San Marcos eateries, the abundance of sandwich shops and fast food chicken places, my favorite ingredients that make a dish, late night options for those night owls, etc.  This whole experience as a blogger is still a little bit of a mystery to me ,but follow me on Instagram where I will also be posting some of my latest finds and experiences in San Marcos.


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