Just The Beginning

I first started this blog as a school project. One that counts for a major part of my grade in FDOM at Texas State University. At first I was very timid to write about experiences or my opinions for fear of people reading my blogs. Quite frankly I wanted to hide my blogs in a hidden compartment of the internet hoping that it existed somewhere out there. To my surprise the more I posted, the more comfortable I felt about writing. I grew confident that maybe I am not such a horrible writer as I thought I was. In a way, it has made me come out of my technological shell and be more tech savvy. For this, Thank You!

Throughout this experience I have found that the more visuals you have the more effective the blog is. I have also found out that the more opinionated I was on certain posts compared to others received more views and even comments. With that being said, I believe that all the tools that I learned over the semester to implement into my blog have been effective. I believe adding media and links to your blog is a great way to get your name and readers really involved into what you love to do. The only thing I think I would need to improve on is to not rush a blog. Take time to really hash out the imperfections and grammar mistakes.

Later on in life I believe this experience could maybe benefit me into getting a job. I have now created an online presence which is something that many companies first look for when hiring someone. Who knows they might look at this blog and see an amateur; but they may still hire me as a person to create a blog with the tools that I have learned in this class to promote a company. With this knowledge of blogging, I was very surprised to look at my Stats data to see that my most active week of views, visitors, and comments were of the June 20th week, this is when I posted ‘Making memories through food’ and ‘Oh how sweet your buns are’; I received 12 views, 4 visitors and 2 comments. My most popular post so far though is ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ where I have my best yet of 11 views on one post. I believe it’s because I am talking about Chick-fil-a, which is an extremely popular fast food restaurant.

Best views ever: 11 WOOT WOOT!!!!
Best views ever: 11

Out of all these stats though I am just surprised that people, people who I don’t even know took the time to read my blog. I believe overall, I have received 37 views to my blog. These 37 views are more than likely contributed to twitter. I promote my blog through this social media where I found that I was getting liked and retweeted by people and different companies. It shocked me, but it just goes to show the power of social media and how your little blog can go from nothing to something.

Industry Life

In this video is of one of my very good friends and co-worker, Jill Beckman. Her and I met and have worked side by side each other for three years at Johnny Carino’s. She is someone I respect, appreciate, and look up to when I need help in and outside of work. In this video we will talk about her background as an employee at Carino’s, some

Johnny Carino's Picture captured by: Impact-Photo
Johnny Carino’s Picture captured by: Impact-Photo

stereotypes that people assume that we always do, and how these new businesses around us have affected our business.

Eat Mor Chikin

I’m sure you are all familiar with the slogan ‘Eat Mor Chikin’, made by a couple of cows persuading drivers with their witty phrases. If you haven’t, I am talking about Chick-fil-a. If you think about it, it’s a genius business model. You advertise with cows, acting like they are painting billboards to eat more chicken instead of eating them. When you actually get to the restaurant their items consist of chicken, chicken, and more chicken. Some grilled, some fried; chicken nuggets to

Picture provided by: Google Images as seen on Pintrest.
Picture provided by: Google Images as seen on Pintrest.

chicken sandwiches to salads with chicken on them. A basic concept that is made with perfection every order, every time.

If you have been to a Chick-fil-a you know that it is always a very busy establishment. Whether they have just opened or it’s about ten minutes till close; they always have a line through the drive thru and people inside eating their delicious food. Chick-fil-a is like a well oiled machine. They handle high volumes of customers with smiling faces that are sincere in all weather conditions.  They always have a plethora of employees on during high volume hours that literally work as an assembly line to get food out to their customers fast and efficiently. The employees always seem to be genuinely happy to be at work and working which is something you don’t see very often. From my many experiences of going to Chick-fil-a over the years, I have never left from a Chick-fil-a upset or dissatisfied. Thank you Chick-fil-a and keep up the great work!

This is what efficiency looks like Photo Credit: Google Images from Yahoo News
This is what efficiency looks like.
Photo Credit: Google Images from Yahoo News

One of my favorite memories of Chick-fil-a that I will never forget is when I got food through the drive thru at the San Marcos location. It was probably somewhere in the 30s that day; and here is this guy standing outside to take our order with a smiling face as if the cold didn’t even bother him. As it was my turn, he took my order and as I was paying he goes, “look what this nice lady brought for me this morning. She came back after she had gotten food to give this to me”, and he was pointing to the beanie on top of his head.  I smiled and thought what a sweet lady she was to go out of her way to do someone a service that this young gentleman did for her. He didn’t have to stand outside and yet he did it with a smile on his face. That day I told him I appreciated him for standing out here in the cold to take our orders. His response was, ma’am I’m from the North this isn’t anything compared to what I’m use to but it’s my pleasure. 🙂


The Perfect Ending

For the past couple of weeks, my life has been consistently on the go. Yesterday was the first day in a long time where I can honestly say was just perfect. I woke up had a school interview and killed it. Did a little homework and decided I would treat myself by relaxing with some friends at the pool. The water was cold and refreshing as the sun beat down on us; plus my cold beverage was a nice touch. As a group we later decided we were going to hit up Casa Maria’s Mexican Restaurant for a hearty meal. I was so full by the end of the meal but knew I needed something sweet. Someone mentioned ice cream and I knew exactly where we were going…Marble Slab! What a perfect ending to a great day.

Nutty About Peanut Butter

One of my favorite ingredients to work with in the kitchen is peanut butter. Not only is it my favorite ingredient but it is also one of my favorite snacks to eat right out of the jar. You can add peanut butter to a variety of snacks, desserts, sandwiches, and even nowadays it is added to different kid cereals.  Peanut butter is a form of protein. In the olden days it was given to people who didn’t have teeth to chew food as a form of protein. Nowadays you will find that people put peanut butter in shakes after working out or will just eat a spoon full of it as an extra boost of protein. Check out this video on Youtube of the Discovery Channel showing the world on how peanut butter is made.

First of all, I am a weird texture person when it comes to my food. I eat plain yogurt with no fruit additives. I re-smash my mashed potatoes to make sure it is extra creamy, and when I eat cereal I add very little milk because I don’t want my cereal to get soggy. Needless to say if you asked me, ‘creamy or crunchy’ I’d say CREAMY all the way! As a matter of fact I currently have three jars of peanut butter in my pantry just ready to be eaten. One of my absolute favorite snacks/desserts to make with peanut butter are my grandma’s Corn Flake Peanut Butter Bars! If you are a peanut butter fanatic this is something you would like.

At first it was an occasional treat; you know when the whole family gets together for birthdays, holidays, etc. Grandma knew that these peanut buttery delights were always a big hit. My cousin and I would fight over who could take the last one or who could take the left overs home with them. Rarely were there any leftovers though. From then on grandma would start making double batches. It was then when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I was going to get the recipe so I may have and hold a peanut butter bar whenever my little heart desired one. At first grandma was hesitant on giving me the recipe. She actually held out pretty long after I had tried to replicate her bars, but after sometime she gave in and gave me her secret… 6 cups of corn flakes, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of light corn syrup, and 1 cup of peanut butter. AT LAST, I had her secret and was eager to try the recipe for myself after so many trials. Little did I know it was one of her pins on Pintrest. My 72 yr. old grandma out sourced me with technology; this one was one for the books. When I got home that day I made a batch of my grandma’s famous peanut butter bars. I followed the recipe to the tee and yet it still didn’t taste like grandma’s. Feeling defeated I called her up and told her my dilemma; her reply was, “your bars don’t taste good because I didn’t make them Audrey. I make all my food with love…” It was then when I realized I could never replicate the bars. She and only she holds the secret ingredient and I absolutely love her for that.

Oh how sweet your buns are…

It’s kind of a weird attribute to fall in love with, how firm, and round they are. Sometimes they are toasted and other times they are buttered. I’m talking about sweet hamburger buns. It’s an addiction, a craving that I seek out when I go to a hamburger place. I could literally eat just the bun if I had it my way, but I think I would probably draw attention to myself as the weird bread lady.


The restaurant that first introduced me to a sweet bun was the River Pub off of Cheatham St. here in San Marcos. The restaurant was a local hotspot with a killer view from the patio. You could sit outside and people watch everyone playing in the San Marcos River. The

The beautiful view from the patio Photo Credit: Trover

Mexican Martini was probably the strongest drink they had; it was the most delicious thing but you had to be careful…the after effects snuck up fast; and of course their sweet buns that they put on their burgers got me every time. It breaks my heart still to this day knowing that they have closed their doors for good. R.I.P River Pub!


“Have no fear The Taproom is here!!”, this is what I felt like shouting out to the world when I discovered this back alley hole in the wall.  If you have never been to Taproom they have a cool feature where if you try/drink all the beers (not all at once) they have you can get a free shirt and your name put on the wall. Another cool thing is that they have sweet hamburger buns! Can you tell I have an obsession? It the best place to get a beer, and burger with sweet buns; I highly recommend it.

Making Memories Through Food

Growing up I have some of my fondest memories with my grandparents. Whether we were outside riding the tractor in the pasture, playing chutes and ladders till I mistakenly won the game, or baking from the numerous cook books my grandma had…we created memories. These memories as well as manIMG_6088y others will stay with me for a life time. I will forever be their little girl. One of my favorite times of the year that grandma and I love to take part in is dewberry picking time.

When spring rolls around each year the whole family knows what that means…dewberry pies! Grandma and I grab our garden hoe and buckets and set out for the pasture each year. We pick dewberries from their prickly vines till our fingers are bleeding; each year trying to break our previous record for number of buckets full from the year before. Once doctored up we begin the pie baking process. We usually bake a good 10 pies for the whole family from the dewberries that we have picked. After it’s all said and done they are the best, most delicious pies out there…made with love.

Fourth Generation Farmgirl is extremely witty as she pulls in her readers.

Tradition is what I love most about getting together with family and friends. We make memories that will be cherished a lifetime. It is what Fourth Generation Farmgirl is all about. In Tonya’s blog about food, wine, and travel she really paints you a picture of the story she is telling to make you feel as if you were actually present. Her background story is something that I find that hits close to home for myself. Country girl, living on a farm passed down for generations, with a variety of animals. She is definitely someone you should follow for great stories about where a recipe came from, her recent travels, and her experience with wine and food pairings. Plus her site is something that I aspire mine to look like fresh and easy to navigate through.

Late Night Munchies

For the past three years that I have lived in San Marcos I have come across the common issue of late night eateries. Same story every night… I get off work late at night and the only places that are open are Whataburger, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Fuego and Taco Cabana. These were and still are valid options for a late night dinner, but when you mainly work nights you get a little tired of the same ole stuff. Also with San Marcos being a college town you would think there would be more late night options than just the basic selections. I asked many of my fellow co-workers what fast food eatery they wished stayed open late or open 24/7, and the most common answers I received were: Chick-fil-a, Sonic and Gumby’s. I don’t know how many times I have personally checked what time Chick-fil-a closes; and when I do have just a little amount of time I then run into the moral dilemma of, ‘well they close in 20 min…should I order food?’. Coming from the food industry I know what it’s like when your trying to clean up, leave at a decent time and someone walks in 20 min before we close. I don’t ever want to be THAT person so I settle for something else.

About six months ago Raising Cane’s opened here in San Marcos. My boyfriend or I had never had it and decided to give it a shot. “Chicken, chicken, chicken what combo are you picking?” and I busted out laughing!IMG_1084 My boyfriend was irritated that I laughed but I kept thinking how freaking catchy is that? Like hell yes, I want a box combo with a sweet tea! Its the phrase that gets me pumped and excited about eating their chicken. If you have never been to Cane’s I highly recommend it! The chicken is always hot and actually a generous size portion, the sweet tea is always on point, and that Cane’s sauce is just something to die for! I have actually started to hoard the sauce so I may put it on other foods lol. The best part of now having a Raising Cane’s in San Marcos is that it stays open late Thurs-Sat till 3AM and even their regular hours are pretty late as well Sun-Wed till midnight! Yay another option to add to our selection.

I don’t know if you have seen or heard but In N Out is finally open! California has made its mark on San Marcos, Tx with their grand opening today and they are already slamming with business. I drove past and they have police directing traffic in the parking lot of In N Out as well as on the feeder road. In N Out makes for another valid option for late night eating where Fri-Sat they stay open till 1:30 AM where all the other days they close at 1AM.  I have tried In N Out once before in Austin, Tx where I got the original burger, fries, and milkshake and it was delicious! I’m a sucker for shakes and this one hit the spot. I can’t wait to hit up the San Marcos location in a month or two when the traffic dies down to try out some of In N Out’s secret menu items.


Hello Blogging…

I am a little new to this whole blogging thing but here goes nothing. My name is AudreyIMG_6909 Bone, I am currently a Texas State student with a major in Respiratory Care and a minor in Mass Communications…weird I know. I  currently work at Johnny Carino’s and have been with the company/food industry for almost eight years now.  I moved to the beautiful city of San Marcos, Tx a little over three years ago and have loved every bit of it since then!  I love to be outside, read a good book from time to time, take the occasional tiger snooze, and most of all I love to eat!

Growing up I was the pickiest eater around. I was strictly a chicken nuggets and french fries kind of girl; which makes me wonder why I was not three hundred pounds. Since my adolescent days, I have slowly broadened my food palate and have fallen in love with different ingredients, types of food, as well as different restaurants and their specialty items. Now when I go out to eat I try to order something I have never eaten before just so I can say that I have tried it. Some of the foods that I had once rejected in the past, I have tried them once more and have grown to love them. Maybe it’s time to give those rejected foods another try…I could be missing out.

My main purpose and goal for the blog is to share personal experiences of food from some of San Marcos’ food culture with others that have the same passion for eatin good. I believe this blog will challenge me to continue to branch out of my comfort zone of food. It will also give me an excuse to finally go try some of the restaurants in San Marcos that I have been dying to go to. In addition to expressing my love for food, I will be exploring the newest/oldest San Marcos eateries, the abundance of sandwich shops and fast food chicken places, my favorite ingredients that make a dish, late night options for those night owls, etc.  This whole experience as a blogger is still a little bit of a mystery to me ,but follow me on Instagram where I will also be posting some of my latest finds and experiences in San Marcos.